OpenToonz (Portable): Fix for flipped frames

yapyapWhy is this guy yapping!

I just assisted the very talented Turtletooth with finding a problem behind (seemingly) random frames being flipped in FFMPEG export.  The new portable release with the fix should be forthcoming tomorrow.

Turtletooth also implemented a secondary request to have gif animation exports Loop by default.  So, that’s why that guy is yappin’.

So, two requested features/enhancements delivered in one day.  Wow.  These devs are awesome.  But… that isn’t all.  My stuff is truly minor and only scratches at surfaces of greater things in development.

FFMPEG export is an option that can be set in the OpenToonz (portable) preferences.  Just point the Import/Export path to where FFMPEG bin directory is and this adds several formats as an option to include .MP4 and GIF animation (both import and export/render!).   In my estimation, this addition makes OpenToonz one of the most powerful gif animation software packages available.  I can’t think of any other software that compares.

Disclaimer:  As of this moment the FFMEG feature hasn’t been incorporated into the official OpenToonz releases.  Give it time.  It’ll get there.

There are two primary reasons for this.  1) The feature requires full testing 2) FFMPEG must be downloaded separately by the user.  There are several reasons for this the first of which keeps the development track of OpenToonz free of FFMPEG related development as well as assures the folks behind OpenToonz that they aren’t running afowl of any patents or licensing and distribution restrictions.  If you need help getting FFMPEG up and running with OT I’ll be glad to assist.  Just ask.  🙂



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