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Opentoonz: (New Feature) Segment Erase

Now available via nightly release:  Opentoonz Nightly (Segment Erase Release) LINK The Erase Tool now has an option to cut segments from vector drawings. There are a few things to watch out for in workflow but so far so good! … Continue reading

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Opentoonz: Cut Line for Eraser Tool

Not satisfied with the update to the Cutter Tool you say? How about a similar feature for the Eraser Tool? Now testing…

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Opentoonz: New Cut Tool Feature (coming soon)

Now testing…   Thanks to PoJieNie!

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Opentoonz: Tape Tool Fix

Testing this fix now…   This fixes an issue with using the Tape Tool to connect vector lines that are not part of the same group. Looking good. Thanks to PoJieNie for the fix!

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Aaron Blaise: Fundamentals of Animation Course (Free for Limited Time)

  GO NOW and get it while it is free! Then we can discuss the course at length and explore!    

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Journey into Mystery #83

My brother and I use to scour our rural community for adventure and more than a few times we discovered it.  One such adventure led us to an interesting treasure trove of comic books with the prize jewel (for me) … Continue reading

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