Duck Tales is Returning!

To celebrate the announcement of the return of Disney’s Duck Tales here’s a quick tracing from some promotional art recently released.  At a guess I’m gonna say this is… Dewey.

My main goal was to see how quickly I could trace and color the character.  A secondary goal was to try to perfect the technique of drawing a (non-rendering) line for use with registration of characters into scenes.  In this drawing you can see the indication of that line where he is sitting on piles of coins that would likely be part of the background image and therefore not animated.  The drawing(s) of the character is then composited over the top of the background giving the illusion that he is interacting with elements of the environment/scene.

It took a little longer than necessary because I adjusted by line style too early and so couldn’t see where gaps were still present keeping me from being able to fill shapes with color.  Then when I adjusted the lines to get better shapes or close gaps I’d lose the color I’d assigned to other shapes and have to reapply those colors again.  If doing it all over again I would keep the linework as basic as possible until the very last moment and then apply any special styles or effects.



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