Jungle Book Layout


Layout from Jungle Book

Layout from Jungle Book











Andreas Deja posted two images from a Jungle Book layout/background and I thought I’d put it into an animated version for comparison.

Note that the overlay and underlay don’t align… I’m not sure how much of that is my doing and how much is due to Disney’s multiplane camera view on the final scene.  You can see that the two primary trees and the village line up.  I haven’t tried but I’d guess the foreground elements align as well but were placed on a higher level (closer to the camera).

Read more about Andreas’s thoughts on Disney layout here:


And while you are at it consider purchasing Andreas’s new book on Disney’s Nine Old Men.  I plan to buy it too!  🙂

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1 Response to Jungle Book Layout

  1. robcat2075 says:

    Interesting comparison! I think you are right about some elements being shifted under the camera.

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