Seymour Knietel blog


This is a blog you definitely should check out!

Maintained by the Seymour Kneitel’s daughter (and Max Fliescher’s grandaughter) this is a must read blog.

Here’s an expample of the cartoon animation goodness to be found on the site (circa 1940 no less!):


Click on image below for huge version that is easier to read!  🙂

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Cartoonist and Animator! I'd tell you more but then I'll have to debrief you.
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1 Response to Seymour Knietel blog

  1. Rodney says:

    Did you visit the Seymour Knietel blog and discover the link to the Fleischer “Standard Production Reference”? No? Okay then, here’s a more direct link:

    I’d hate to think anyone missed out!

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