You are what you draw

Well, not really but for those that do draw we often assume the emotional characteristics of what we are drawing.   This can be good.  This can be bad.


Meet “Selvfie”


Bottom line:  If you feel you are in a rut… mix it up a little and draw something different.  Want to experience joy?  Draw some happy, joyful people.   Want to know  what it’s like to be depressed, sad or lonely?   Explore that world.  It’s the valleys that make the mountains possible and as a counter balance to all that giddy off the scale irritating contrived and surface skimming happiness… those lower peaks can be all sorts of fun as we reset our emotional barometer.  But take care of yourself and don’t stay in those darkly bleak and depressing moments too long.   Return to the real world and face adversity head on.  That’s the place where we need to smile the most… a lot.  🙂



Here’s a handy patent pending three step process to happiness:

Step 1:  Draw two circles.  These will be the eyes.

Step 2:  Draw a horizontal line with the ends of the line curving upward.

Step 3:  Smile.

Three step process to happiness


About Rodney

Cartoonist and Animator! I'd tell you more but then I'll have to debrief you.
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