Tiddlywiki Storyboarding

Highly recommend Tiddlywiki be used in some capacity by everyone.

It can be used as a production journal, story aid, storyboard and so much more.  Different adaptions have been made that focus on project management and basically anything that can be programmed in javascript.

What is Tiddlywiki?

It’s a self contained document that is also an application.

Because this blog is titled ‘new art of animation’ there is a technological aspect to all of this and Tiddlywiki fits that bill nicely.  A few things I hope exploit in the future include Base 64 imagery and QR codes… oh yeah.  😉

And this post is where I hope to keep a Tiddlywiki named ‘Storyboard.html’ for linking purposes.  That way the link doesn’t get broken.

So, here’s a very non linear multistoryboarding example:



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