Yes little buddy, it can.

Sometimes my testings get out of control.

In this case I thought I might try to make some old fashioned eyes while refining the smoothness of drawing (smoothness setting) and use of the Tape Tool to form the little triangular cutout of the pupil.  The Tape Tool works best for this purpose when set to ‘Endpoint to Line’ as opposed to “Endpoint to Endpont” or “Line to Line”.


I was pleased with the results and the next thing I knew I was drawing a character (little firefly)… when a big firely… then needed a background… then started animating…

The sequence blends a variety of vector and raster lines and shapes together along with a background and overlay of ‘environmental space’ using Mypaint brushes.  I figured I’d stop there pending some reason to continue with these fellows.  They might be worth revisting.


The dialogue:

Little guy:  I didn’t know OpenToonz could do that.

Big guy:  Yes little buddy, it can.

So anyway, this image and many more to come, brought to you from start to finish courtesy of OpenToonz.

Disclaimer: I don’t particularly care for the old fashioned eyes in this style but I figured that if I ever need to create those I might want to know how best to do it.  It seems to fit the characters.



About Rodney

Cartoonist and Animator! I'd tell you more but then I'll have to debrief you.
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