Screen to Gif (updated)

One of my favorite programs (possibly #4 for design, implementation and potential) has been updated.  It should be a tool in any animator’s arsenal.

It is only available for Windows (sorry Mac and Linux users).  You can probably run it using bootcamp or emulators:

Note the portable version.  Use that one if you can as it doesn’t even need to be installed.  Run it from your USB stick!

What’s new?

• New color quantization algorithm for the encoder 2.0.
• An installer is available.
• Options to automatically adjust the window based on the frame size and to automatically adjust the image zoom based on the window size (after loading a project).
• New translation: Dutch.
• Updated the German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Russian translations.
• A message appears before deleting frames or discarding the project. It’s optional, you can disable this later.
• The updater detects which type of update it should download (portable or installer).

Bug fixes:

♦ The Insert window was not taking into account the DPI of the image being inserted.
♦ A bug related to the crop feature under a high DPI environment.
♦ The recorder window could stay out of view if it was previously used on a monitor that got disconnected.
♦ After unplugging a monitor, the recorder window was not adjusting its position.
♦ The “Go to frame” feature was not displaying the correct frame.
♦ After deleting frames, the project info was not being saved into the file (project.json). This was causing some false warnings while trying to load the project later via “Recent Projects”.
♦ Added the missing “New Board Recording” context menu entry on the editor window.
♦ Several bugs with the new recorder that happened when using screens to the left or above the primary screen.
♦ The recorder feature called “snap to window” wasn’t working with windows on screens to the left or above the primary screen.

Known bugs:

♠ OutOfMemory exception when importing videos.
♠ ‘{DependencyProperty.UnsetValue}’ is not a valid value for property ‘FocusVisualStyle’ when opening a ComboBox. Please, help me find how exactly this can be triggered.

Experimental features

• Full screen recording.

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