Planning Animation (Thumbnailing, etc.)

This is a page (evidently from a sketch book) attributed to Ollie Johnston.

The page is currently going up for auction on Ebay with a starting bid of $200.

It is hard to tell what the actual size of the drawings are by this image alone but I do think this classifies as ‘thumbnailing’.

Of interest is how Ollie is working out the performance (and general movement) of the scene through loose sketching without much concern for detail.  Refinement and detail will be added later.

It’s important to work out the basic idea of the performance and not commit immediately to any one idea.  This is the essence of brainstorming… perhaps the earliest stage in creating a plan.

There is a lot of character in these simple sketches.

It can be hard to keep that character and spontaneity as the production moves forward and leaves this early stage.  All the more reason to make sure what you take forward is the best effort possible.


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