OpenToonz Portable – Feature Release 8-1-16



Turtletooth has posted another Feature Release of the portable version of OpenToonz.

Included are a variety of improvements to include:

  • Ability to have multiple project roots
  • Updated autosave settings
  • Additional resolution presets
  • Fixes for pixels only mode
  • Ctrl+Alt for setting brush size min and max separately
  • You can now hit enter in save dialogs to save
  • Shortcuts presets and exporting
  • New save on exit dialog for unsaved work.
  • Save all levels command in the menu
  • Slightly updated room layouts
  • Updated default background color settings in Export Layer window.

Note: These features are experimental and not part of the official code base for OpenToonz

How to Use:

  1. Download the zipped file.
  2. Unzip the file to a location of your choice.  (This can even be a USB device)
  3. Open the folder.
  4. Double click OpenToonz_1.0.exe
  5. Do amazing things.

This portable program will only work on the Windows operating system.

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