OpenToonz: Portable Version…. Gradient Fills, Line Styles, FX

I’ve been playing with some of the settings in OpenToonz and really like what I see.

The important news however, is that OpenToonz now has a portable version thanks to TurtleTooth.

With a portable version no installation is necessary and the program can even be ran from a USB stick.  Nice!

Find out more and download it here:

What are you waiting for… GO GET IT!

And if you have issues running it or working with OpenToonz just ask… If I don’t know the answer to the question we’ll find out!


Thanks TurtleTooth.  Very much appreciated!


To celebrate here is a little UniqueHorn stampede… (Yes, I need to have them run with an actual run cycle but for this I was experimenting with other things, namely:

FX – Blurs, Embosses, smears…

Gradient fills in palette swatches (not really seen here)

Minor movements and duplications of levels – This specifically focused on getting use to Function editor settings (and related precisions) that in OpenToonz take on the traditional animation approach of East/West (Right/Left), North/South (Up/Down) and Sort Order (SO) which controls placement/overlapping via Z Depth.

Earlier this week I also played with the plastic tool.  That’ll be useful!




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