Jungle Book (old and new)

I was impressed by Disney’s new ‘Jungle Book’ film and this surprised me because I fully anticipated that it could not live up to its predecessor.  I was wrong… on many levels.

They are similar films and yet so different in so many ways.  Go see it for yourself!

Regarding the classic Disney hand drawn classic, Andreas Deja continues to post sequences of animated art and recently posted a scene involving the vultures (a scene that doesn’t make it into the new film).  The animation is by the hand of the master animator Milt Kahl.

If you don’t frequent Andreas’s site you should:  http://andreasdeja.blogspot.com/

According to Andreas the original scene was animated on ones and I set up the image sequence accordingly to see how it played.  The following gif animation is NOT set up in that way but still plays pretty well.

Here I’ve combined the images Andreas posted and applied some filters and cropping.



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