Animating Explosive Action

Here’s an example of a product I’d love to see:  a collection of all the various scenes referenced in ‘The Illusion of Life’:

Of course if such a thing were to be made who would be able to afford it!

Here’s the extract from the page:

extract from page‘The Illusion of Life” is full of little throw away tips and insights into how the classic animators approached their work.

As the text in the image is hard to read here’s a closer look.  If you’d like me to retype it here just say the word and it’ll be done.  🙂text

Note the scene immediately after this one has oft been cited as given to Gary Goldman (of Don Bluth/Gary Goldman fame) where Gary stated that Frank Thomas set up the scene and then left the young animator to put everything into its proper place.  Gary nervously moved forward painfully aware that his mentor had entrusted him with something out of his comfort zone but that he was bound and determined to deliver to the very best of his abiity.  If I can locate a video interview where Gary talks about the scene I’ll post that link here.

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