Toon Boom Doodle (Free until 1 February)

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days while thinking how best to suggest it to everyone. Most who are into animation already have something capable of animating similarly.

In conjunction with CES 2012 Toon Boom is releasing their Doodle software.
See this announcement.

So here is the deal… I challenge and encourage everyone to find as many kids as possible and help them download and install Toon Boom’s Doodle. With it they can learn how to animate. I believe many will learn how to animate better, faster with more effectively use timing because of this software. I sure wish I’d had access to TBDoodle and the knowledge of animation available today when I was going up.

Download Toon Boom Doodle for free (until 1 February)

…and this isn’t just for kids. You can use Doodle to quickly sketch out and time your animation.
Get this software onto every kids computer so they too can learn the art of animation.

Personally, I think Toon Boom will offer this again but kids everywhere should have to wait. They need to start animating now!

About Rodney

Cartoonist and Animator! I'd tell you more but then I'll have to debrief you.
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