Draw at least 27 drawings every day… (Part 1)

Wanna be an animator?

By my calculations…
In order to be the animator that you want to be you’ll have to draw at least 27 drawings a day.

Wanna be a comic book artist?
In comic books this would equate to (a minimum) of one finished page (of pencils) per day.
I haven’t factored it but I’m going to guess a comic strip artist should average three (rough) strips every day while completing at least one (a fourth from a previous rough) every day.

If you take off on weekends (which you should) you may need to put in a little more time during the weekdays. Rough out those extra drawings to get the ideas down on paper.

This image is a little hard to read but read what is inside and around the boxed area.

So, what does this really mean?

Draw more than one drawing a day!

Here’s a close up to help it sink further into the brain:

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1 Response to Draw at least 27 drawings every day… (Part 1)

  1. rodneyabaker says:

    It should be noted that (at least by the numbers) at 27 drawings per day you can complete a five minute film in one year. For longer than that you have some options:

    – Animate on 2s instead of 1s wherever possible/practical
    – Cut out anything unnecessary to the film
    – Animate economically (Don’t add extraneous detail)
    – Reuse as much as you can (Consider limited animation techniques)
    – Get more people involved (Note: This will tend to slow production down in the short term because now you’ve got to train people and make sure they understand the film’s direction. Once a team is established then production pace will quicken)
    – Automate as much as you can. (Leverage technology!)

    Given that in the last post Hans Perk points out that the Disney animators were cranking a short film of six minutes out in about three weeks each, a film consisting of 27 drawings created each day could turn into a pretty amazing thing. 🙂

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