Fight for Feedback!

I suppose you could call this something of an inking job over a character sketch by a young artist in the Bluth community by the unlikely name of imagineerwannabe. Parents sure do name their kids strange names these days. But, IMPORTANTLY, the i-man has created a really fun character and he calls him ‘Dossier’… a very cool name!

In the forum he posted his initial sketch and then requested commentary… but added ‘I will accept no critic’. I only mention this because this has become more than just a trend. Critiques (and therefore critics) are exactly the people you want to get feedback from. Those are the one who should be giving both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE feedback. Not negative in the sense that they cannot explain why they dislike something or worse, the they hate something for some personal reason… those aren’t real critics and you can immediately discount them. Seek criticism from people whose opinions (pro or con) you value!

A true friend is someone who (if and when it was proper) say to your face what other people wouldn’t only say behind your back. While not always pleasant, feedback of this form is extremely valuable. When you get criticism don’t take it personally, a good critic will expect you to accept what you agree with and throw the rest out.

At any rate… that’s just my thoughts on the matter.

Great job thus far on this guy. this Dossier looks like a really interesting fellow.

This particular drawing was inked over the original sketch with my finger on a 2inch x 2inch laptop stylus pad. The left arm (screen right) is something I added.

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Cartoonist and Animator! I'd tell you more but then I'll have to debrief you.
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