Don Bluth’s Weekly Seminar

I grabbed a bunch of screen shots from this week’s seminar to illustrate some of what is covered during these hour long seminars.

These are seminars where you get to personally interact with the legendary Don Bluth. Think about that for a moment… THE DON BLUTH.

Get your act together and sign up!

Wednesday’s at 4PM (Arizona time)… 8AM in Japan.

About Rodney

Cartoonist and Animator! I'd tell you more but then I'll have to debrief you.
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2 Responses to Don Bluth’s Weekly Seminar

  1. lina1994 says:

    Your works are wonderful! And I love them too! I love! Do not stop to wait even like to paint Don Bluth. Continued. I would ask him, we want to paint many animations in Don Bluth and why we have not seen yet in the movies ever?? 😦 Knew him to know Don Bluth?? When you look at the tape yet?? Wanted!!!!! 🙂

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