What is the ‘New’ Art of Animation?

Animation is an exciting field of endeavor with a long and varied history.  It is a growing field that cross references aspects in all other fields in some way or another.  This blog is a look at the state of the art of animation and related subjects from my (mostly optimistic) perspective.

Some general conclusions up front:

  • Everyone can enjoy animation.  (Animation created with a strong foundation in the principles is going to communicate better)
  • Everyone can be creative.  (The more you write, draw and explore the better you’ll be at it)
  • Computer Graphics (CG Animation) is here to stay.  (Use it to best advantage)
  • The art of hand drawn animation isn’t going away.   (Prove the theory:  Draw some animation on a piece of paper today!)
I hope you’ll join me in the exploration.

About Rodney

Cartoonist and Animator! I'd tell you more but then I'll have to debrief you.
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