Opentoonz: Tape Tool Fix

Testing this fix now…


This fixes an issue with using the Tape Tool to connect vector lines that are not part of the same group.

Looking good.

Thanks to PoJieNie for the fix!

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Aaron Blaise: Fundamentals of Animation Course (Free for Limited Time)


GO NOW and get it while it is free!

Then we can discuss the course at length and explore!



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Journey into Mystery #83

My brother and I use to scour our rural community for adventure and more than a few times we discovered it.  One such adventure led us to an interesting treasure trove of comic books with the prize jewel (for me) being the first appearance of Thor in Marvel comics ‘Journey into Mystery’ #83.

Remind me to tell you the story some day…

Example (not actual cover… will post that later):

Journey into Mystery #83

Journey into Mystery #83

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Resolve: 3 Different Modes of Stabilization


Free course:

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Doodle Paint Opentoonz Workflow

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OpenToonz SuperPack


What is it?

I’m currently testing a utility for packaging up Opentoonz (the program), Opentoonz Project Files (Opentoonz stuff directory) and optionally assisting the user with adding other programs and data to make backup, sharing, and testing of files easy.


Because it’s always good to be able to store files in a safe place for later use.


Because if we take the time to share a Project we don’t want to find out later that files were missing and the Project therefore useless.


When submitting bug reports, troubleshooting questions and feature requests we need a way to properly communicate with developers and bug hunters so they can reproduce the problem and easily see the desired outcome.

At this point OTSuperPack is just an idea being tested but I’m confident that something like this will work its way into Opentoonz.  There are other aspects of this exploration that could be included also but for now the basic target is a single file containing all you want inside to share with someone else or store away safely for later use.

Let me know if you need such a thing for use with Opentoonz in the comments below.

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Congratulations Wendy and Richard! 40 Years of ‘Elfquest’

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Tool Tips

Most programs have ‘tooltips’ that suggest the use for each icon.

Hover over the icons and wait to see what hints the tooltip will provide.

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Free Transitions for OpenToonz

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You are what you draw

Well, not really but for those that do draw we often assume the emotional characteristics of what we are drawing.   This can be good.  This can be bad.


Meet “Selvfie”


Bottom line:  If you feel you are in a rut… mix it up a little and draw something different.  Want to experience joy?  Draw some happy, joyful people.   Want to know  what it’s like to be depressed, sad or lonely?   Explore that world.  It’s the valleys that make the mountains possible and as a counter balance to all that giddy off the scale irritating contrived and surface skimming happiness… those lower peaks can be all sorts of fun as we reset our emotional barometer.  But take care of yourself and don’t stay in those darkly bleak and depressing moments too long.   Return to the real world and face adversity head on.  That’s the place where we need to smile the most… a lot.  🙂



Here’s a handy patent pending three step process to happiness:

Step 1:  Draw two circles.  These will be the eyes.

Step 2:  Draw a horizontal line with the ends of the line curving upward.

Step 3:  Smile.

Three step process to happiness


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